How to add signature in Outlook

March 24, 2020

Email Signature Guide for Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook or its abbreviated name ‘Outlook’ is Microsoft’s personal information management software. This software is very useful and provides users with smart log management, task management, a calendar, reminder notes, task management and e-mail.

In this article we will focus on the mail portion of the software and one of its important and useful functions: creating and signing.

How to Add a Signature to Outlook

  1. Open Outlook and click File on the top in the middle toolbar.
    The next step will be to choose “Options”.

In the left-most menu, click on the word ‘Mail’ and scroll down the page until you reach the ‘Message Connection’ category and select ‘Signatures’.

At this point, the Signature and Stationery windows will open.
The E-mail Signature tab will be displayed.

In the “Choose signature to edit” window, click the word “New”. At this point a ‘New Signature’ window will open where you will need to write down the name you want for your new signature.
After the operation is completed, click the OK button.

Once this is done, your signature content should be entered in the Email Signature window.
This signature will appear at the bottom of each email you send.
Note: For details on adding a digital signature for email on a Mac, click here

Add a signature link in OUTLOOK

The previous step ended with editing the signature content in the Email Signature window. Adding a link to a signature in Outlook is done by marking the text with the signature to which you want to add the link.

Then click on the Link icon (a drawing of the Earth linked to a chain on the left side of the toolbar). Once clicked, a hyperlink-edit window will open where you type the URL that you want the link to navigate to in the Address bar and click the OK button.

Add a picture to your OUTLOOK signature

If you want to add your own image or logo of the company you work for, it’s important to keep the following rule in mind: The image can only be up to 320 pixels wide.

Adding an image or logo to Outlook will be done by clicking the Add Image icon in the Signature toolbar.

Select the image you want to attach to your Outlook signature and click the “OK” button

Show signature in all thread messages you send

The default OUTLOOK mail software attaches your signature only to the first email you send. If you want your signature to be attached to every email you send, you will need to mark your signature in ‘Replies / Transfers to Recipients’ in the ‘Signatures and Letters’ window, ‘Email Signature’ tab.

Good luck!

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