Email Signature For Graduate Students | An Ultimate Guide

July 9, 2021

A professional and appropriate email signature helps students grow their professional network, get their desired job, or communicate educational achievements. Graduates’ email signature is students’ first essential step towards future email signature marketing, which they can do for their branding purposes.

Well, are you also looking forward to creating an email signature? Do you want some helpful tips to make it more successful?

In this article, for your convenience, we have mentioned a complete guide on an email signature for graduate students.

So, are you ready to dig it out? We will begin from what email signature actually is! And then, we will consider some other crucial factors that you are supposed to consider before writing an email signature.

What is an Email Signature?

An email signature contains all the data about the student: name, achievements, contact information, and some other relevant information. Moreover, it also consists of optional information, crest, logos, and pictures of the students to grab the reader’s interest.

A well-organized email signature presents the information about a student’s professional attitude that helps to figure out how serious a student was about his studies and career.

College students, universities, and even Ph.D. candidates can prepare their email signatures; they must be prepared in earlier stages.

This email signature is written at the top or the bottom of an email.

Why is it Important?

A professional email signature is important due to the following reason:

  • It helps to build a good impression
  • Contains students’ compete for detail
  • Maintains the credibility
  • Showcase students’ skills and academic achievements
  • Assist in building a connection between your email signature and your LinkedIn page or some other professional profiles

When you are going to apply for postdoctoral programs, jobs, or grants, this email signature provides you a competitive edge.

Some Crucial Factors to Consider Before Writing an Email Signature

How to Create a Good Impression in Email Signature?

Very often, an email signature is the last thing that a reader finds mentioned at the bottom of the mail; thus, make sure that you are not finishing it on a casual note.

Keep in mind, in the digital world, an email signature works exactly the same as a handshake and warm smile at the end of any meetup.

Therefore, you need to conclude your email signature professionally to cast a good impression on the hirers’ team; further, it helps build a strong professional relationship between a graduate student and a particular company.

How to Avoid Cringe-Worthy Typos?

When you are applying for a high-stake job or massive grant, the mistakes are obvious in this stressful situation.

A by default email can be fruitful in this case as it will save your time and make you avoid embarrassing typos that can harm your first impression.

What should I Include in a Proper Email Signature?

Writing an email signature is not a complicated process because there are only a few steps and factors to keep in mind before writing it.

Steps you need to follow:

  • First, you have to write an email signature and cover the most significant points; then, you can Google other graduates’ and undergraduates’ email signatures.
  • You are also suggested to check a guideline of your college and university’s admins before creating email signatures.
  • Yet, don’t forget to ensure to add the following information; no matter you are at the undergraduate, master’s, or Ph.D. level.

The Information to Add in Email Signature:

  • Full name
  • Your title
  • The department or institution of your higher education department
  • Your email and cell number
  • Your city (optional)
  • Your pronouns (optional)
  • Some additional links: portfolio LinkedIn page, portfolio, or any other sites (Optional)
  • Achievements or awards (optional)
  • Logo and a professional picture (optional)

What does “Title” Mean for an Email Signature?

In the title you are supposed to write about the status you are in:

  • Graduate
  • Medical Student
  • Ph.D. Candidate

It is an excellent opportunity to mention any project or the organization you lead; for instance, you can go with any of the following ways.

Method to Mention the name of the Organization in the title

  • President, (name of the council you have served)
  • Student Researcher in (mention the subject)
  • Student Editor, (name of the press)

Note: Do not write much; try to manage up to six lines that also include your email address.

Should you Add your Nickname?

If you are more likely to get addressed by your nickname than the legal one, you can add it in your professional email signatures.

Meanwhile, the name you are mentioning in the email signature should let the readers or email signature receiver effortlessly access your professional profiles when they plug your name into Google.

Why is it Necessary to Add an Email Address?

Perhaps, you may be thinking, if you are sending your email from a particular address, then why add it in an email signature?

Often, your message is forwarded to a grant reviewer, hiring manager, or professor, so in this email chain, the chances are your email address can be lost. When you mention the email address, it becomes easier for a reader to locate your information.

Why Go for Templates?

When you are ready to create your email signature, select a professional template according to your title, as it can help you a lot. Though it’s simple to add the information into your email program, the right template adds the right style and professionalism to your email.

Some Helpful Tips to Create Stylish and effective email Signature


Follow the given steps to come up with an exclusive outcome:

  • Use only one font all over the signature
  • Go with one to three colors but not more (consider colors’ psychological impact)
  • Use the columns, bars, or other designs to separate the information.
  • Ensure your signature equally looks great on mobile and desktop
  • Compress your image for easy loading
  • For visual interest, add a headshot, crest, or logo
  • Use To Create Your Email Signature.


The mentioned tips will save you from broken and clunky signature:

  • Don’t prefer clashing colors
  • Avoid blurry or large images
  • Don’t link professional and unprofessional colors.


Email Signature Generator – Professional & Easy To Use

If you want to create an email signature but don’t know the easy-to-use site, you can confidently go with the Email Signature Generator. It is an easy to use, fast, and simple email signature generator website.

There are only a few straightforward steps to follow for inserting your information, and then your email signature is ready to use in your email.

Email Signature Generator offers you the most reliable templates to add your data; you can easily add images, upload your logo file, choose the desired colors; indeed, everything is just a click away.

Email Signature For Graduate Students

So, what are you waiting for? You can use Email Signature Generator, to make the most professional and influential email signature.

Generate Your Email Signature

Our Final Words

Your Email Signature is an edge for you to get into a desirable job or choose your favorite profession as a career; hence, it is necessary to create it professionally.

If you follow the above tips, the only step left is choosing a template and getting started.

Despite this all information, if you still feel any confusion about email signature or you wonder about an easy-to-use, fast, and practical site for creating an email signature, click Email Signature Generator to create your email signature template.

Undoubtedly, an Email Signature Generator is an outstanding platform to create the simple, fast, and most professional email signature.

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