Best Email Signature Size

Best Email Signature Size: Some Practical Tips

July 22, 2021

Are you going to write an email signature? Are you stuck with the size and wondering which is the best email signature size?

Actually, when it comes to email signature sizes, there is no perfect published standard until now. That’s why we see a lot of different customizations and variations in email signatures. However, the email signature holds its own significance in representing your brand; thus, a professional signature with an appropriate size enhances your chances of success and aids you in developing more connections and relations.

Hence, we have shortlisted some tips and standard practices in this article that can help you write in an ideal style and the most appropriate size for your email signature.

The following are the things that you need to know and follow!

Do I Really Need to Consider Signature Size?

Yes, signature size plays a pivotal role in establishing the right impression and impact. Improper size can cost your company even more than you think. Size matters!

An ideal email signature style and size directly depends upon multiple factors like the type of your brand, your market audience, and your own preferences.

What happens if the signature size is too small or too large?

It is advised to keep the email signature small as the large size can cause distraction, take more time to proceed, and become the cause of budget fluctuations. Moreover, an enlarged size will also consume more memory.

Also, don’t go for a smaller signature size; it can compromise readability and ruin the purpose.

Steps to Create the Best Email Signature Size

Part 1: Consider Target Audience

The very first step before we even begin to do some practical work is to study your target market and target audience. Determine whether the majority uses desktop or mobile to open emails.

However, despite all your efforts, you can only come up with predictions and not actual figures.

So we suggest using different rendering engines to make your design responsive. Responsive designs can fit perfectly on different dimensions and screen sizes.

Recommended Mobile Signature Size

Mobile screens are smaller than desktops, so the maximum signature width should not exceed 500 pixels. Recommended width is 320-350 pixels, and height should be less than or equal to 150 pixels.

Tip: It is preferable to go for the lowest screen dimensions, which will make your signature appear in the highest possible quality on mobiles.

The above-suggested size will also increase readability.

Recommended Desktop Signature Size

Desktop screens are larger than mobiles, so our recommended width is 600 pixels, and the eight should be 200 pixels. This size is ideal for creating a clean and uncluttered email signature.

What if I don’t know my Target Audience?

If you are clueless about your clients, then ideally, you should go for responsive design.

If you’re unable to create a responsive design for any reason, then our recommended signature width would be 430-450 pixels. This site will work fine on both screens.

Use Small Space, don’t Distract your Audience

When you’ve decided what needs to be included in your email signature, here’s a check to perform before proceeding.

Part 2: Rethink and Reconsider

An email signature should be concise and provide the only necessary details. It should not steal the limelight from your original email or distract the audience from the central idea.

The following are the core components of email signature; therefore, you need to revisit and rethink to ensure that you’re using them more accurately and not going to incorporate extra details.

Internal Components and their Sizes

Once you have selected the signature components, you should proceed to know their approved sizes.

1. Logo Size

It is customary to include a logo inside the email signature. Putting your company’s logo inside will increase the validation of your brand/company. Recommended size is 150-300 pixels with 2x resolutions, which will turn this into 300-600 pixels.

The trick is to save the image at double size, then adjusting its height and width. Thus, your logo will retain maximum quality.

2. Font Size

Signatures are like a sign-off after a conversation; they must not overbear information.

Recommended font size is 11-13 pixels.

The trick is to keep your signature minimal but readable.

3. Character Limit

Gmail allows you to have 10,000 characters in the signature. But we recommend using only between 5000-7000 characters. Keep everything concise, don’t overdo anything.

Part 3: Pro Tips for Best Email Signature Size

Here are some tips you should consider while composing an email signature. This is meant to be a source of strengthening your professional relations, so ensure it is worth it.

1. Responsive

In this digital era, your electronic mail signature should be the epitome of it. That’s why we recommend using a rendering engine to create a responsive design. This is a one-time effort and will save you from numerous screen size issues.

2. Keep it Minimal and Uncluttered

Minimalist designs are more influential and highly readable. Your signature should represent an organized flow of information; therefore, it should be uncluttered.

3. Follow the Same Theme

There should be uniformity throughout the design. It is appreciable to use the same font for every piece of information; your name, title, description, and everything beyond.

4. Don’t Miss out on What’s Important

Signatures are representations of your introduction and necessary contact info. Make sure that no important detail goes unmentioned. Mention all the links that can help your client keep connected with you.

5. Format of an Email Signature

When you are creating an email signature, the best practice is to use PNG or JPEG for image format. Don’t forget to scale down your images before putting them into an email signature; if you know how to code, you can also scale them with CSS and HTML.

6. The Maximum Email Signature File Size

There are no predefined or set sizes for maximum email signature size, yet keep in mind that the smaller email (a few kb) is always better. A few recommended sizes are discussed above!

Email Editors: Should We Really Contact them?

Email editors are helpful as they contain multiple predesigned templates. You can take a look at all the templates and choose what suits you. The templates are professional, sleek, dynamic, and engaging.

They are easy to use and save you a lot of time.

Email Signature Generator: YourEmailSignature.Com

If you are still confused and worry about the email signature size, we recommend using the Email Signature Generator because this is fast, simple, and saves you from many hassles. You can speedily and simply use this reliable email generator to create, design, and adjust the size of your email signatures; it can support any email software.

This well-organized editor is relatively easy to use, and your professional email signature is just a few clicks away. You don’t need to do ample work as a complete layout is already made for you, so you don’t really have to exert a lot of effort. Just drag your image, hit a few keystrokes, and you’re good to go.


Electronic mails are the most trendy and convenient mode of professional correspondence.

A structured and well-styled signature tells a little more about you and your company than just contact info. Therefore, we have shared the most standard practices that will facilitate you in creating the most readable email signature.

If you are still confused and longing to send an email signature in the correct size, contact the Email Signature Generator. This platform will assist you in sending the most appropriate size. Regardless of which device you are using to send it from.

Use Email Signature Generator to create email signature professionally and conveniently; it will elevate your email signature standards and enhance your or your company’s impression with every email you send.

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