We are YourEmailSignature

Hatima is an online signature creation service
This service was created due to the technical difficulty of creating an email signature and the desire and need to create a unique signature that will serve the email account owner for initial acquaintance with the customer and for the purpose of branding the company to which he belongs.

The magic of email signature service is reflected in its user-friendly platform. A platform through which you can create a signature online quickly and efficiently.

In addition, you do not have to commit to this service or register with the site. All you have to do is write down your contact information, upload a logo and image, type your social networking address and website, and design your digital signature in a way that fits your field of business.

Benefits of Email Signature Creation Service

You can get the signature in less than 60 seconds

Create a signature online

You don't have to wait for a designer, programmer or design company. Your signature now

Selection of templates

A variety of different designed templates to help you choose the perfect signature for you

Any device

Option to create signature also from mobile and tablet and of course from computer

Excellent interface

Friendly, flexible and fast user interface, So you don't waste unnecessary time

Your branding

Create a personalized and branded stamp for your email So customers can easily identify you


Creating a signature in Hebrew / English And some more languages coming soon

Upload images

Option to select and attach a photo, logo and icons. Our storage

Share with other employees

The possibility to transfer the personal signature through a unique link to each company member

Unlimited changes

Once purchased, you will receive a link so you can edit your signature again in the future

Create Your Email Signature

In less than 60 seconds. Works with Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo, and many more!