How To Design an Email Signature

How To Design an Email Signature

August 6, 2021

Whether you are writing an email for an internship, a job, or even a business meeting, a professional email signature at the end can leave a solid impression. Not only does it help build trust between you and the reader, but it also adds unique value to your overall profile.

You can design an email signature in many different formats, but the elements that add perfection are few. A sound email signature always comprises your name, job title, company, contact information, social links, a professional profile picture, logo, and a link to your portfolio/website! 

So, how do you create your professional email signature and make it more visually pleasing with all the necessary elements? Here is a simple guide to help you leave a top-notch lasting impression!

1. Choose the Right Design

When designing an email signature, the first milestone is to figure out the format – how you want to present yourself. Write down everything that you want in your signature and take inspiration from hundreds and thousands of online examples.

You are welcome to try creating everything in an email signature on your own or, you can save yourself from the long-term hectic by simply using a signature generator.

2. Present Your Personal & Business Details

Once you have selected your desired template, it is time to decorate it. But what most people forget is that to design an email signature doesn’t mean to include every single detail about yourself. Remember, you are not writing an autobiography, so keep your email signature concise and use clear words with no confusing titles.

3. Use Social Media Links

Using social media icons as links is a great option if you have presented all the other information in the text. Otherwise, your email signature can get messy with no visually pleasing elements.

The only thing you should ensure is that the social media profiles you are adding are as killing and updated as your brand’s website. Avoid linking any dead profile and be very careful in which social media to add as too many icons can also create a distraction.

Sometimes, there aren’t just enough options for icons, and before you choose to omit that link, try picking your favorites from more than 20 social media icons available at

4. Add an Image & Logo

Selecting an image that is neither too small nor too large fits ideally in the small area alongside the other details. If you plan to capture an image solely for the email signature, go for a 1×1 size photo with a clean, neutral background.

Add a spark of positivity, dress nicely, and look straight in the camera with a natural smile. Also, a profile picture should cover only the headshot – the face, head, and shoulders. 

The good thing is that you need not spend hours adjusting your images thanks to, as it automatically adjusts your profile image and logo in your email signature template.

5. Mix and Match Colors and Font

The goal is to mix and match colors that decently complement each other and not overwhelm the reader. Never to go for two sharp but opposing shades, for they not only can cause distraction but can also become eye-irritating. You also have to make sure that the colors and font don’t “clash” with each other.

Another thing to remember is the correct font size as per the color choice. You should not use more than three shades in your email signature, and keep the font size small or big according to that.

Also, try not to use bright colors as they can reflect more light, causing distraction. gives you three color pallets for main heading, text, and socials. You can also adjust the font size and row spacing to end with a decent, catchy email signature!

6. Make Your Signature Mobile and Dark Mode Friendly

Your email signature will represent you, so better make it perfect to fit every device from which users will view it. The first factor you should consider is the size of your email signature – not too large, nor too small – preferably, go for a 420 px size or even less.

Another thing is the dark mode, and for that, use a light stroke or glow in the font. Also, select images with a transparent background. 

7. Consider Multiple Sizes

Whether you create an email signature for your company, brand, or different departments, it is always a safe choice to consider multiple signature sizes. You can also make minor changes in each signature to make contrasting designs. Lastly, don’t forget to preview the signatures to ensure everything is perfect beforehand.

How Can YourEmailSignature Help You?

Creating your email signature from scratch can be both exhausting and overwhelming, which is exactly why YourEmailSignature offers Hatima – the best email signature service to craft your signatures.

Hatima is not just time-saving but equipped with all the necessary features to help you professionally create your email signature. Just enter your details, upload your images, add social media links, and style your signature. The process takes no time; you can have your email signature crafted out even in less than a minute!

Other features that make Hatima exceptional are:

  • Choose from a variety of templates
  • Share with anyone on the web
  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Multiple languages supported
  • No limit for revisions


There is no complex science behind creating your email signature; however, it does take some time and experience to get a satisfactory result. A simple solution is to use a signature generator, for which you can rely on to design an email signature for your brand or business. It’s precise, easy-to-use, and helps create signatures in less than 60 seconds!

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