• Where is the idea for this service?

    A signature service was created following a demand from our company’s customers to create a digital signature for them. The first customer requested to create a digital signature for email in HTML. Signing it he could easily pass on to all employees and managers of the company and so it was.

    Digital Signature Service allows you to create one signature and transfer its link to other employees and managers of the company. All you have to do is sign up for an email online, click the ‘Save for Reuse’ button, copy the unique link of your signature and send it to anyone you want.

  • What is the benefit of YourEmailSignature's signature service compared to other competitors?

    Aesthetic, user-friendly, workable, flexible, fast and with extensive design options.

  • Can you create a signature in different languages?

    Yes you can create a signature in 3 languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish and any other language you’d like!

  • How to create an email signature?

    To create a digital email signature, go to the ‘Create Email Signature’ page, fill in your Content tab with your full name, email address, office phone, job title, mobile number, department you belong to, company address and link to website of the company.

    If you have a profile page or social networking business, open the Social Networks tab and fill in your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube page address and then continue to the Pictures tab. Here you need to upload a profile picture that will appear in your digital signature in email. After all, go to the Email Embed Instructions page, select the company where you have a mailbox and apply the instructions quickly and easily.

  • What is an Email Signature?

    The Email Signature Service allows you to enter all of your contact information, upload a logo and profile pictures and copy the signature created to the email you use with your customers.

  • Can I create a branded signature?

    Sure. Already on the first page where you enter your contact information, you can list the business website address that you want to advertise.

    In the Social Networks tab you can post the relevant pages of your company, in the Pictures tab you can upload a company logo and profile picture and after you see the final result of the signature, you can design the signature as you see fit and make it a signature that will label your company or Any product you want to market.

    You can decide on the colors of the main title in the signature and the colors of the other contact details. Their size, logo and profile picture, the space between the lines, whether you want to round out the icons and profile picture or do you prefer them to be square. You are the ones who control the design and decide how to brand the signature.

  • How do I embed my signature on email?

    To embed the signature, always use Chrome or Mozilla browsers.

    GMAIL – Open Gmail -> Click Settings in the upper right corner -> Paste the signature in the Signature section -> Click “Save changes”.

    YAHOO – Open Yahoo Mail -> Click Settings in the upper-right corner -> Click Accounts -> Paste signature in the signature area.

    APPLE MAIL – Click ‘Choose Mail’ -> Preferences -> Signatures -> Specific account must be selected -> Press + -> Give signature – – Uncheck box: ‘Always adjust default font’ -> Paste Signature into ‘Edit Signature Box’. Note: There are times when you paste the signature and it will appear as a blank image with incorrect text. It’s OK. The best way to make sure the action is successful is by writing a new email that will show you the saved signature.

    OUTLOOK – Open Outlook -> Create a new e-mail message -> Move to the Messages tab -> Signature -> Click Signatures -> Click New -> Select a signature name -> Click the plus icon To add a new signature. Note: For details about adding a digital signature on email on a Mac, click here

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