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March 25, 2020

Every person has their own unique signature and the one they decided on and every business has a logo and a slogan that make up their personalized and unique digital business card.

In this article, we will explain what the signature means, why it is so important to company owners and managers, and how the business can be marketed through an email signature.

What Does the Signature Mean?

Let’s start at the beginning and define the meaning of exactly what is a signature in general.

A signature is any mark of a person on a document, creation or digital file that they have created or which they have approved for use. The signature marks the authenticity of the signed document and / or instruction.

Up until a few years ago, a person’s signature was handwritten, but in more recent times with the development of the Internet and the virtual world, a digital and electronic signature is widely used. A person’s signature is their personal seal.

What is an email signature?

In modern times, one of mankind’s main means of communication is via e-mail, so the emphasis is on digital signature by email. Since the signature is an integral part of most emails we send as business owners, company executives and employees, it is of great importance to the way we choose to sign the email and the way the signature looks on the email correspondence page.

Why? Because today everything is a branded marketing tool. Your signature too.

You are welcome to read the full article on what is an email signature.

Digital Marketing Signature – What is it about?

Currently one of the most important components of every email is the signature. The signature design coupled with the email correspondence is a great opportunity to market the business through proper branding.

Designing your signature is simple and inexpensive and can lead to a significant and welcome change in your business’ image.

For example, if you are a law firm owner and you want to broadcast solidity and professionalism, you can design your signature as a digital business card and use the business’ logo as an attachment to the signature, choosing fonts that transmit seriousness, choosing the same colors as the logo, essentially branding your business via your signature.

Alternatively, if you have opened a new business that is producing birthday celebrations, you can create a signature that links to the celebration site, use circular and colorful fonts and snap a clown photo with balloons or any other photo that will illustrate the business’s expertise well.

And, of course you want to include all your contact information (name, role , Mobile, and more).

Keep in mind that an email signature accompanies every email you send and most business owners and employees send at least one hundred emails each week.

Your digital business card signature will brand your company and help you market the products and services it provides to consumers.

Now, all you have left to do is become familiar with the possibilities of signature design and get started.

How to make your signature a marketing tool?

Formulation – First of all, think about how you want to introduce yourself and your company. Are you interested in typing your full name first and then defining your role in the company first? In the third stage, do you want to provide your contact details and only then a link to the company and its slogan? Do you want to first highlight all the company and everything related to it and sign your name and role definition?

Colors – Want to brand the company? Try using the colors of the company logo and even use the company slogan in your signature email. For example, if you work in a US advocacy group and you decide that your signature shades will be in red, white and blue, most likely your writers will identify with your company.

Fonts – First, you need to choose clear and legible fonts that match the style you want to promote. That is, if you work in a copywriting firm, you can definitely choose the font “Guttenberg Manuscript” and if you work in a law firm, the “David” font will most likely be the most appropriate font.

Photo – Don’t give up on a photo, as the photo is your “handshake” with the customer online.

Link – Be sure to link to the company website in your signature as well as all full contact details.

Wishing you much success!!

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