How to Write an Email for an Internship

How to Write an Email for an Internship

July 23, 2021

You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” says Will Rogers, and little did we know what wonders a great first impression can do for a successful career.

College can be challenging – rough subjects, missing deadlines, sleepless nights, and tons of work piling up seems never-ending. In a world evolving rapidly, your teachers might also suggest you prepare your resume beforehand. And with everyone applying for internships in the same spot, what tactics should you follow to make your first impression a game-winner?

Worry not, as this is the guide you need to write the best email for an internship with all the tips and tricks involved. So, get your paper and pen ready to note down everything you should know to ace your next internship, even if you are a beginner!

The Right Format of a Powerful Internship Email

Remember, you are not the only one applying for that internship. Whether submitted to an individual employer or an employment agency, an unprofessionally written email never stands a chance. And that is precisely why following the proper format is the most appropriate way to leave a lasting impression.

Consider the following structure to craft your email for an internship and secure your spot right away!

1. Email address

A professional email address sets the tone of a powerful contract. Always keep your personal and business email separate; you can also create a new one if you don’t already have one. Just make sure your address is straightforward and doesn’t include any numbers, symbols, or characters that are hard to remember.

You can create your business email address in many ways:


2. Subject Line

With hundreds of emails residing in the employer’s inbox, the first and only thing that will catch their eyes is the subject of your email. Also called a “tag line” of an email, you should put in some effort to find the right words. Never send an email without a proper subject, and avoid anything that may sound offensive or amateur.

Following are some of the example subject lines that you can teak as per your requirements:

  • A quick hint at your expertise or skills: Copywriting Expert Looking for Opportunities
  • A reference (only if it’s a “sound” reference): Referred by Cha Eun Woo for Digital Marketing Internship
  • A mention of your academic achievement: Internship Application – NAEP’s top grader


3. Appropriate Greeting

A proper greeting is the perfect secret ingredient in the recipe of a successful cover letter. Never start your email with Sir/Madam because it can be highly offending. And since an internship is just like a business contract, you should always greet the person professionally, such as:

  • A less formal approach using your employer’s first name: Hey Soe Jun! / Hi Robin!
  • A formal approach using horrific: Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms…, Greetings Mr/Mrs/Ms…
  • A professional approach when writing to seniors: Hello Professor/Prof. [last name], Doctor/Dr. Kol, Greetings! 


4. Opening Paragraph

Here comes the part where your communication skills will decide your success. It is always better to first explain how you hear about your employer/agency and then introduce yourself. Use simple, straightforward language and tell about yourself in concise, proper words. You can start your opening paragraph as:

  • I found your internship description for [position] on [website/platform]…
  • I am writing to you for the [position] that your agency mentioned on the official website…
  • I am reaching out to you for the summer internship program I was informed about through Lexi, your sales ambassador…


5. Body Paragraph(s)

Fill this space with solid sentences about what you have to offer and why you think you’ll be the right choice for selection. Never boast about anything you haven’t done or don’t know about. Keep a professional tone and be precise about everything. Don’t forget to link your updated portfolio at the end.


6. Conclusion

The conclusion includes both a short concluding paragraph and a closing sentence. You should also include a call to action to remind the reader to list your name in the selected contacts. Also, end the email with your name, for example:

  • …Let me know if that works for you, and we can discuss further.

Waiting for your positive response/Looking forward to hearing from you,

Regards/Sincerely, [name]


7. Good Email Signature

An email signature at the end can make a big difference, for it’s not just your personal information but a complete branding tool. Being professional is always a must, and an email signature is one of the best options you can rely upon. It makes your email more personalized and stands out your chances of being remembered.

You can use any app to create a simple email signature. Or, you can always avail yourself of the to create a professional, electronic email signature – which brings us to our next topic…


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Final Thoughts

Writing an email for an internship may seem like a challenging idea, but with a proper email address, subject, content, and an email signature at the end, there is no way your email won’t stand out. And for times when you want to take everything to the next level, YourEmailSignature is just a click away to create your personalized email signatures in just 60 seconds!

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