How to Write a Professional Thank you Email?

December 17, 2021

A professional thank you email holds a significant spot in the official world because emails are the standard for online business communication. You can express your gratitude and enhance your network by sending a professional thank you email using the correct format and stand out in front of your recipient.

Today, we will talk about how you can write a professional thank you email to impress your recipient, get a million opportunities, and enhance your business network by gaining new contacts. But first of all, let us tell you why you need to send professional thank you emails, and later we will talk about the method.

What is the Purpose of Sending a Professional Thank you email?

Thank you emails are important because they show your professionalism and enthusiasm regarding your career. There can be many situations when you have to send professional thank you emails. Some examples of those situations are,

  • Getting a promotion at work
  • Getting informed about a job opportunity or an interview
  • Getting an appreciation award or certificate
  • Getting a new customer
  • Getting an important contact to improve your network
  • Getting hired

Professional thank you emails show that you are interested in keeping the contact, and you’re polite and grateful for the opportunity you have got.

The Best Method to Write a Professional Thank you email

Here are some tips and tricks that you can follow if you want to write a successful professional thank you email to get you more opportunities and open the doors of success for you. However, read the steps carefully and apply them while writing a professional thank you email.

  • Think of the right words to say thank you

Before writing a professional thank you email, it is essential to think of the words you will use in it. And for that, you will have to see who your recipient is and what language will suit that person the best because your purpose is to impress.

And once you have sorted the reason for saying thank you and the way to say it, go ahead and write your professional thank you email. However, you have to avoid adding jokes or informal phrases that can make you appear non-serious because you won’t get the correct result.

  • Address the recipient and greet appropriately

The next step is to address the recipient properly by greeting them after ‘hi’ or ‘hello.’ You can also use their name to add a bit of a personal touch. Also, it seems nice to direct a thank you message to a specific person instead of randomly throwing an email.

Don’t forget to greet your recipient before you begin to write why you are saying thank you and proceed further. Any email without a greeting comes off as rude behavior, and no one wants that in their thank you email. So, greet in a very professional manner without losing the friendly tone.

  • Don’t forget the subject line.

When writing a professional thank you email, you have to mention that in your subject line. Most people skip subject lines in thank you emails because they think it is only essential when giving information or advertising something.

However, you will have to make sure to add ‘thank you email’ in the subject line to let your readers know that the email you have sent them is not spam or a call to action email.

  • Maintain a professional tone

You don’t have to be emotional or informal in your thank you emails. The best way to write a professional thank you email is to maintain a polite, professional tone. Remember that writing a thank you email is a perfect chance for you to showcase your communication skills, so be straightforward.

You have to express your gratitude, but that doesn’t mean you need to get vulnerable and get overboard with it because you are not writing it to your friend.

  • Keep your message concise.

Be specific and concise in your thank you email, and right after the greeting part, talk about why you are writing the email. You have to make sure that the sentence structure is good and makes sense.

Using a confusing tone won’t impress anyone and make the recipient think you have poor communication skills. Also, people don’t like to read lengthy emails because they have no time for it and their focus span is less.

So, even though you are thanking, make your point and wrap your professional thank you email if you have nothing important to add.

  • Mention of the reason to say thank you

Don’t start with praising your recipient, instead first talk about why you are writing a thank-you email. And after making your point and letting the reader know that it is not spam and you are genuinely thankful, continue your message.

  • Add a personal touch.

Instead of rambling about random stuff, make your point appropriately and talk about the details that show the person you had an encounter with and you are thankful for their efforts.

You can talk about the person or show interest in their company and tell them your support in their future endeavors to make a strong bond.

  • Go beyond saying thank you.

After you are done with your thank you message, you can talk about your qualifications and any groundbreaking career achievement. When you talk about these things in your thank you email, your recipient might refer you to someone important, and you will get a new contact.

So, it won’t be wrong to say that professional thank you emails are a way to several career opportunities if you follow the right etiquette.

  • Show desire for future contact

You have to write about your goals and aspirations in your professional thank you email because that allows your recipient to understand you better. And once your reader understands you, they will know how to help you the right way.

A thank you email is a follow-up email, and it shows that you are interested in maintaining contact with the person you are sending it to, and the recipient might like it.

And as a response to your thank you email, your recipient might invite you for a meeting or an interview to know more about your potential. So, never forget to write a professional thank you email as it will help you a lot.

  • Properly close with an email signature

One of the most critical steps while writing a professional thank you email is to close it perfectly. If you send your thank you email without a closing line, it will not look professional at all. You can use the words ‘best regards’ or ‘looking forward to hearing from you to develop interest for the reader.

You can also add an email signature block at the end with your name, contact information, and website address. Creating a nice email signature that looks clean and professional can be a time-consuming and challenging task, and you will also need to pay a designer to make it for you.

However, using YourEmailSignature will save money and time and get a brilliant email signature template. You can show off that signature at the end of your professional thank you email and impress your recipient.

  • Proofread before sending

Before sending your professional thank you email, you have to proofread it and look for any mistakes that you may have made while writing it.

You are thanking someone, and it is usually for when someone hires you or gives you an important update that can help you in your career, so make sure that it is error-free.

Correct all the spelling and grammatical mistakes before sending it and remove the redundancy or anything that doesn’t fit right in your professional thank you email.

  • Conclude and send your thank you email

The last step would be to conclude your professional thank you email, where you will add your name and repeat why you’re thanking the recipient. It is vital to mention why you are saying thank you more than once because many people don’t look at an email for more than 4-5 seconds.

After completing your professional thank you email, you will hit the send button, and you need to do it fast because promptness is much appreciated in the professional world. And follow-up emails add a lovely touch, especially when you send them on time.

Examples of Professional Thank you email

Below are the two examples of professional thank you email bodies that you use as templates or customize according to your need.

Example # 1

Subject: Thank you email

Hi Tristan,

I would love to take this opportunity to extend my warmest gratitude towards you for your most sincere efforts in the task assigned to you. As you know, holiday parties in the offices are the most awaited events, and they help maintain a healthy work environment.

I believe that having such parties enhances employee performance and serves as excellent opportunities for employers to interact with their teams in a friendly environment.

Above all, a warm and lavish décor displays how much the authorities are willing to invest in their employees and bring ease and comfort to their hectic routine. You have professionally handled this task, and it is only because of your efforts that we were able to conduct a successful holiday party last night.

The combination of colors you used in your décor and the whole party plan was really impressive, and I heard our colleagues could not resist discussing it the entire night. I am aware that you had to spare extra time from your office routine to plan the whole party on behalf of us and in favor of your colleagues.

I am delighted that my company is honored with your presence in its team. I hope that we work together in the long term and can collaborate on such events further.

I once again would like to thank you for your sincerity and hard work. I hope you have a good day.

With gratitude,

Daniel Hofstadter

Example # 2

Subject: Thank you email

Hello Bernadette,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this email to you personally on behalf of my whole team to thank you for sparing your precious time and meeting us yesterday. You have been of tremendous help in guiding and directing my team in our latest contract in collaboration with you.

As you have been told previously, I ensured that my team could review your legal documents by applying the best skills that they carry. But yesterday, after meeting with you and benefitting from your expert opinions, I am honored to inform you that my team and I are willing to put our efforts into our contract with you for the decided period.

At this time of our deal, I must assure you that we carry 35 years of experience in legal writing and consultancy. We pride ourselves on meticulous attention to diligence, timeliness, and detail. Our hard work and unmatched expertise in legal business qualify us to be a compatible vendor to your needs.

I also wish to ask you about our future collaborations and opportunities to work together. I hope the initial documents that we reviewed for you were satisfying and fulfilled the purpose—considering that in mind, I hope you extend our contract even further.

You are most welcome to reach out to us at any time during the period of our contract for updates and instructions. We would encourage your periodic feedback on our work as well.

I would again love to extend my gratitude to you for selecting us as collaborators. I wish you the best of luck through this venture.

Best Regards,

Emma Stonewell

Final Words

Here we want to end our article about writing a professional thank you email. And we hope that it will help you write your future thank-you messages without making any mistakes. Follow the guidelines correctly, and you will open unimaginable gates of opportunities for yourself.

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