How to add an image in email signature in Gmail

How to Insert An Image in Email Signature in Gmail

August 6, 2021

We all live in an age where presentation matters the most. No matter what your business field is, powerful communication is the hallmark of every marketing campaign to make your business successful and attract larger sales.

Since we are talking about marketing tactics, email signature holds a significant place. You might see it as a minor thing, but it can be an actual driving force to your brand’s success.

Email signature is a professional way of representing your brand——to let the recipients know about your brand and get in touch. It wouldn’t be wrong to consider it as your digital business card, right?

Additionally, if you add an image to your email signature, it would be cherry on top. You might be thinking how?

Well, a respectable email signature with a reasonable image can make an everlasting impression on the recipient. Email signature with an image is the last thing that email recipients will see, and definitely, it will stay on the recipient’s mind all day.

Now, if you have decided to add an image to your email signature, know that the process is straightforward. Thanks to Gmail, you can insert an image pretty easily.

Read the simple guide below to insert an image to your email signature on Gmail:

Reasons on Why You Should Insert Image to Your Email Signature in Gmail

As talked above, an email signature provides your recipient with all the relevant contact details, and an image produces more of an enhanced overall look to your brand. To be precise, this is what an email signature with an image can do for your brand:

  • Email signature with an image speaks loads on your brand. It depicts how professional you are as a company or individual.
  • When you add your company’s logo or banner as an image with the email signature, it gives you an open opportunity to develop cohesiveness in the market. As a starter, it will be a strong marketing tactic that will increase your chances of attracting more audience.
  • If your image-based email signature is a call-to-action button, it will allow your recipients to click on the call-to-action button, thus increasing the number of active audience members.

How to Insert an Image into Your Email Signature in Gmail?

Inserting any image to your email signature in Gmail is as easy as copy-pasting the text. Also, the given instructions will work on all the operating systems.

So, let’s get started:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account and go to Settings (a gear icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen). Then choose See all settings from the menu

  2. In the General Tab, scroll down the bottom to go to the Signatures section

  3. If you don’t have any existing signature, No signature is selected by default

  4. Now, click on Create new to add your signature

  5. In the text box, you have to put your signature and select Create

  6. Another text box will appear to customize your signature. Here, you can edit either your existing signature or new signature

    : If the main purpose is to add an image for your business growth, try to add your brand’s logo or a small picture of yourself. The picture should not be too flashy.
  7. To edit and insert an image, click on the area where you want to insert an image. For example, if you want to insert an image just next to your name, position the cursor next to the name.

  8. Now, select the image icon in the bottom menu of the text box

  9. You will be given three options to select your image
    – My Drive (From Google Drive)
    – Upload (from your computer)
    – Web address (URL)

  10. With the first two options, you can insert an image from your Google drive or computer drive. If you want to upload the image from your computer, it will be automatically copied to the signature field.

  11. The third option, Web Address (URL), is used when you want to put an image from your company’s website, such as the company’s logo or call-to-action button. To insert an image from your company’s website, go to your company website.

  12. Right-click on the logo and select Copy image address

  13. Go back to your Email signature settings and select Web Address (URL), which will open a box. Now, paste the image address URL in that box and click the Select button to insert the image, finally

  14. When the image is inserted, you can resize the image by choosing from the Small, Medium, Large, or Original Size options

  15. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select save changes

    Note: You can go back to these steps to change the image from the signature, edit the signature text, or disable the signature feature.


Now, the image will appear with an email signature on every message you send. To test your email signature with an image, compose a new message and send it to yourself to ensure that everything looks the way you wanted it to be.

Where To Get Customized Email Signature?

Respectable and professional email signatures are incredibly effective in grabbing your clients’ attention. You can indeed create your email signature on your email client. Still, one can understand the importance of getting customized email signatures because it will make your brand stand out amongst thousands of your competitors.

So, why should you be left behind when everyone is trying to lead the race?

Hatima is a user-friendly email signature generator to get you a professional signature in the easiest way. No matter what content, style, image, and social icons you want to add to your email signature, this professional platform is equipped with all the essential technicalities to make a distinctive and eye-catching email signature for your brand.

Just go on the website and put the necessary information to create a professional email signature. You will only need to add:

  • Your name, contact information, and email address 
  • Upload your logo or image
  • Add your social networking address and website

That’s it. You have got your email signature.

Start working with Hatima’s professionally created email signature and witness the best responses from your recipients.

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