TIPS – Real Estate Agent Email Signature

September 27, 2021

As a real estate agent, your job is to assist sellers and buyers of real estate, and an email signature can be a great way to find more leads and brand your business.

Here, you will explore more about a real estate agent email signature, why you should use it, and how to create one. We have also listed tips and tricks to help you create a signature that sells the most leads and how an email signature generator can benefit the real estate business!

Why Should Real Estate Agents Use an Email Signature?

The digital world has opened new doors for everyone, and now most potential clients and real estate agents like to exchange emails first before coming to a physical agreement. If that’s the case, an email signature at the end of your emails can be a powerful tool to brand your services, let alone present your company/business more professionally.

Just like the business card that you would share with your clients, colleagues, and social circle, an email signature at the end comprises all the aspects you would like to show your customers. The best part about signatures is that they save all of your information in one place, making it simple for your clients to consider your services and approach eventually.

What Should Real Estate Agents Include in an Email Signature?

When creating an email signature for your real estate business, the goal is to present yourself and generate leads. It means adding things that a potential client is most likely to ask about and leaving a great impression at the same time. Also, there are chances that your emails will be forwarded and shared, so your email signature should brand your business equally.

Consider the following essential points when creating your real estate agent email signature:

  • Professional Details: Your full name (first and last), job title
  • Business Details: Your company/business name, license number, office address
  • Infographics: Your profile picture and the logo of your company or brand
  • Contact Details: Your email, office phone number, direct phone number
  • Social Profiles: Skype, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social link, your website/portfolio/LinkedIn link

Depending on your work, you can also add more or less, but the golden rule is to include information that a new client would look for in your company.

Tips to Create a Real Estate Agent Email Signature That Sells

Even though you can add almost any bit of information to your email signature, you should consider only the most essential aspects of your services. The goal is not to make your signature messy or overwhelming but to present your business as professionally as possible. Remember the following tips when creating your real estate agent email signature:

Don’t Skip Your License Number

The real estate business is different from other fields and takes in a lot of trust from both parties to initiate a deal. You should ensure that enough assurance is provided from your side to encourage the client to move forward.

Adding the license number of your business is an excellent way to prove your credibility and remove any doubts regarding scammers.

Focus on Your Profile Picture

When reading your emails, your clients won’t be seeing your services physically but electronically. And even before that, it is a great profile picture that would set the pace for your work relationship.

You should put in the time to consider which image should be used as the profile picture. You can also capture one specifically for the signature: take a neutral background with a headshot photo equal from all sides. A smile always increases credibility and raises trust, so make sure you smile in the picture.

Don’t Hesitate to Add Multiple Contact Details

In an email signature, it is always recommended to add fewer contact details, but for real estate businesses, you should give your clients multiple ways to contact you. You can add your direct phone number or your office landline, etc.

If you think adding multiple contact numbers makes your email signature look stuffy or messy, a simple solution is to add a video call link in your social media profiles, preferably Skype or Zoom.

Add Your Business Email

Most businesses use different emails for different purposes; for instance, your real estate company may have an “info” email for queries while having a business email for customer dealings separately. If that’s the case, you should mention the official business email where the clients should contact your services.

Add Multiple Social Media Profiles

Your clients would like to know more about your business, and you should provide them with every possible way. You can have a Youtube channel about your real estate company, a Facebook group, or an Instagram profile; use all the links in your email signature. Just make sure the profiles are actively updated with all the correct information.

Email Signature Generator VS DIY Signatures

A few ways to create an email signature are using different editors (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), Docs, Sheets, or any other simple word processor. These editors let you create your signature from scratch, which also means more errors, time, and effort. And since trust is the most crucial factor in a real estate business, you shouldn’t compromise on the credibility of your business.

So, what you can do instead is to use an email signature generator like Hatima, which comes with pre-added signature templates. You just have to fill in the details, add social links, upload your image and business logo, and it will create your real estate agent email signature within 60 seconds!

Final Words

Branding is an essential part of any business, and email signature does just that! As a real estate agent, a signature at the end of your emails presents your business professionally and helps generate more leads.

You can save your time and effort by using an effective email signature generator like Hatima; it provides a range of customizing options, comes with pre-added templates, and lets you create your real estate agent email signature in just 60 seconds!

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