7 Reasons Why you
 Must have an Email Signature

February 12, 2020

Before deciding whether you want a digital signature for your email, it’s important that you understand what digital signature is and why so many people choose and send e-mail documents with their unique signature.

Digital Signature and Electronic Signature – Not the Same!

A digital signature is also often referred to as an “electronic signature,” which leads to involuntary deception. Because it is important to separate an electronic signature which is an encrypted file that is enclosed with different types of documents that cannot be seen, and a formatted digital signature that appears at the bottom of the e-mail correspondence for the purpose of creating the impression and concentration of the person signing the email data. This article will reveal to you the benefits of digital signature in email.

All the reasons for creating an Email Signature

  1. Create a professional first impression – The first reason that makes people decide to create a digital signature for email is because they know that there is no substitute for creating the customer’s first impression. Because in the last decade we have also streamlined our scheduling by sending e-mail, materials and bids to our customers and suppliers, which means that e-mail is one of the key tools we use, as creating a digital signature for e-mail is a “branding obligation” and is the showcase. Yours and your business.
  2. Business fit – have The ability to create a signature that is perfectly tailored to the field or the nature of your business or the way you want to present yourself in terms of visibility. You can now choose the size of the fonts in the signature, attach a logo and profile picture, choose whether you want to round out the shape of the social network profile picture, logo and icons or if you want them to be square and decide on the color of the fonts and the line spacing in the signature. >
  3. Transparency – overall signature An image of the person who trusts the content in the email leads to a sort of “initial acquaintance” with the person to whom the email was sent and that is not a conversation with him. There is some element of transparency here that leads to a basic initial trust between the email writer and the person receiving it.
  4. Branding – Most owners The companies that design a digital signature for email choose to brand their company by creating a business signature of one or the other employee by using the company logo colors and of course using a link to the company website. Any person in the company can be a branding tool for the business by creating a signature that reflects the business or one of its products.
  5. Signature Speed ​​ – You can create a formatted and impressive signature to email online within minutes. If in the past the signature preparation task was technically complex and consumed with design capabilities, uploading a storage or server logo, and other operations that took time and required skills, you should not worry about it today.
  6. English and Hebrew professional signature – We often see people sign an English language, as they do not find software that creates digital signatures in Hebrew or email, or they are unable to create an impressive signature in Hebrew. Here, there is a solution to this, as it is a signature that has the most striking visibility in the Hebrew and right hand side of the document and also the possibility to create an English signature.
  7. Easy embedding in email – Simple and fast process. All you have to do is copy the existing signature you created, open your e-mail software, search for the settings or signatures tab, paste and click on the ‘Save’ button.

Good luck!

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