Email Signature for Small Business Owner

Email Signature for Small Business Owner

September 6, 2021

Creating an email signature for your business can significantly improve marketing and raise your brand awareness. As a small business owner, you should consider having a signature for your company as it allows your clients to see you as a professional and credible business.

However, an email signature is more than just your company’s name and services posted at the end of the email. So, let’s dive into the topic and see what exactly a signature is, how an email signature for small business owners can change the game of marketing and sales, what benefits it provides, and what should and shouldn’t your email signature include!

What is an Email Signature?

As the name speaks, an email signature is an inscription of your brand/business/company, a block of text that you add at the end of the email. An excellent ending should follow a perfect introduction and body, and an email signature does just that.

It showcases important information about you and your brand like your name, company, website and works as a call-to-action for your audience to reach you.

How can an Email Signature Benefit Your Small Business?

You can end your email with just your name, but an email signature is more appealing than that. It represents your business and helps promote it by leaving a lasting impression on your readers. Small businesses can benefit from an email signature as it shows professional behavior and is likely to convince your clients/customers to explore more about your business. 

Not only that, but an email signature for small business owners also has other benefits:

  • increases brand marketing
  • keeps your credibility intact
  • contributes to business growth
  • gives easy access to your contact information
  • builds a trustful relationship with clients/consumers

Furthermore, an email signature makes your emails look more proficient. At the same time, advertising is crucial for small businesses, too much information can also overwhelm the readers. However, using an email signature allows you to describe your brand image as decently as possible.

What Should an Email Signature for Small Businesses Include?

You can add tons of information in your email signature, but that would just make it messy. So, no matter where your business stands or at what stage you are, your email signature should portray exactly what you have to offer. Following are all the essential things that an email signature for small owners should include!

  • Personal Details: Your name
  • Business Details: Brand/business name, position, or job title (owner, co-founder, etc.), department
  • Infographics: Company logo, your image
  • Official website (or portfolio)
  • Contact Details: email, phone, office contacts
  • Social Profiles: social media links like Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube

What Shouldn’t an Email Signature for Small Businesses Include?

You may be the sole person running your business or have a team working along with you. Whatever the case, an email signature is just like any other milestone and should be covered with precise measurements. Before you make your company’s professional email signature, here are some points to consider.

  • Keep Your Email Signature Simple 

Depending on how well-established your business is, you or your team may have to deal with various things simultaneously, be it online collaboration, customer service, marketing, conferences, management, or more. However, your email signature should not be flooding with all the information as it can divert readers’ attention. Instead, just add things necessary like your services in a few words or the company’s tagline. 

  • Add Fewer Contacts 

If your business is in its initial phase, you don’t need ten numbers to offer your readers. Instead, a few contacts would be enough to fulfill the need. This way, you can also save space and use it for other things like listing more services or giving your readers an offer the next time they avail of your business.  

  • Add Only Professional Social Profiles 

When it comes to social media profiles, what counts is not the numbers but how decent and up-to-date it is. As a small business owner, your social profiles may not be as updated as they should be. However, remember that social links added to your email signature have more chances of getting clicked and explored by the audience. That being said, add social media links that fully portray your business. 

  • Style Your Email Signature 

When adding different elements in your signatures, such as images, links, and text, you should make sure everything complements each other. Also, if your business follows specific colors, feel free to show them through your email signature. 

Why Should Small Business Owners Use an Email Signature Generator? 

Investing in an email signature when your business is still during the initial phase can seem a lot. Also, most business owners tend to avoid using an email signature until they reach high recognition.

However, you should not forget that it can take years to make your brand stand in the world, while an email signature generator is an easy way to increase your brand awareness. Clients/customers are more likely to be impressed by the professionalism an email signature displays which also adds to the credibility of your services. 

Another thing to remember is that email signature, though it represents your brand, should also look eye-catching and attractive. It is precisely why an email signature generator is a far better choice than creating one all by yourself from scratch.


A few of the many elements you should add to your signature are your business name, position (owner, co-founder), website, company logo, profile image, email, phone number, and social links. You can also add other elements like any affiliate organization, testimonials, or blog subscriptions; however, make sure not to make your email signature stuffed up with unnecessary details.

Lastly, creating an email signature for small business owners may not be a piece of cake, especially if there is no experience. The easy and most effective solution is to avail of an email signature generator as it does all the job in no time without any hassles!

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