How to Create an Email Signature

How to Create an Email Signature

September 3, 2021

Have you ever noticed that small message at the bottom of emails but don’t really know what it is called? That is basically called an email signature.

Now, an email signature does not really have to be in a handwritten form. Instead, it can be anything as simple as your name, your title, or any other essential bits of information that characterize you, just like your handwritten signature signifies.

An email signature represents a sense of professionalism and serves as part of a brand image that goes beyond your name and the position you hold. Some people might be familiar with it as an email footer.

So, are you eager to learn all about how to create an email signature? Then, you absolutely need to read this guide. But first, let’s look at what purpose(s) an email signature serves.

What Is The Purpose Of An Email Signature?

In a way, you can think of your email signature as a business card. It serves mostly the same purposes, such as providing your contact information to the recipients who might need it to call you in the future, visit your office, or schedule a meeting with you.

An email signature can also be an illustration of your personal or company-wide brand. Recipients can scan the fonts, colors, text messages, and images in an email signature and convey a significant deal of information about you in an instant, compared to what usually takes several minutes of conversing to tell them about you.

Your email signature characterizes you, so you should put all your efforts into it to ensure it creates an excellent first impression to the recipient.

Some people prefer to keep their email signatures simple and just include their name at the email’s end. However, there exists a more formal and structured email signature and depicts professionalism and demands respect.

So, if you have a corporate email signature, it reveals that you’re a delegate of a giant company and enables the firm to support you in terms of respect. On the other hand, if you are alone, it reveals you’re committed to your cause or serious about yourself. This way, your recipients can look forward to it when they interact with you.

How to Create an Email Signature Using an Online Signature Generator

An online email signature generator, such as YourEmailSignature, is a quick and easy way to create a professional and well-formatted email signature without consuming too much of your time.

Online tools like these are relatively easy to use. You can easily add all your personal details into the required spaces and export your email signature to your email clients.

Moreover, you don’t need to have a lot of technical know-how regarding it. Instead, it’ll guide you throughout the entire process of creating your email signature and have your email signature ready in as fast as just 60 seconds.

Most online email signature creators, including ours, come with templates. This allows you to easily start off with something as it gives you a rough idea of the things that should be included in your email signature.

Things to Include In Your Email Signature

  • Name

Quite evidently, you should include your name in your email signature for people to contact you. Still, it is worth emphasizing that it is the most vital thing to include. A recipient will usually expect to see the name of the sender at the bottom of an email. In addition, you should also add your last name in your email signature to make it look more professional.

  • Company Name

It is unwise to think that a recipient will simply acquire your company name from the end of your website URL or email address. Therefore, it is also preferable to include a company name or its logo somewhere within your email signature. This way, your recipients can easily and quickly get to know you’re a part of a large organization and gain more respect and trust.

  • Phone

Even though emails tend to be a highly professional and excellent means of communication, at times, we really require hearing from each other to communicate better and more clearly. 

Giving your contact number to somebody is one way to gain more of the audience’s trust. With your phone number and contact details, they know they can directly contact you in case of something important.

  • Title

Specific questions such as “What is your job?” or “What do you do?” can be of utmost importance to your recipients. Your title is important because it allows them to know who exactly they’re in contact with so they can better comprehend your organization’s structure.

  • Address

Just like your phone number, including your address in an email signature depicts you are a genuine person with a physical presence. It establishes a significant amount of trust in you. In addition, it’s also helpful in circumstances when somebody is running late for a meeting and requires your address to find you quickly.

  • Website

A website is usually the first place most individuals will turn to when they wish to inquire more in-depth information about you or your company. This is where the research starts from, so try making it easy for them. Getting clicks from your email signature is one of the best and easiest ways to endorse your website and steer more traffic.

You can include a few other elements to make your email signature stand out even more and give it a personalized touch. They are:

  • Your Photo

Most people prefer to add a touch of personalization to their email signatures, and there can be no better way to do it than to add a photo of yourself. Your photo can be an excellent form of personalized email communication.

An email lacks a personalized, human touch, and all that text within your email can often be boring and stale. The addition of your photo will be memorable and make your email signature appear more personalized. In addition, photos can undoubtedly set the tone of your emails in a friendly and welcoming manner.

  • Company Logo

We human beings rely on visual things, and logos can be extremely helpful and memorable, given their colors, shapes, uniqueness, and simplicity. Adding a logo of your company will successfully brand your emails and enable them to become a part of your entire firm’s marketing efforts.

  • Social Media Profiles

Some of your recipients and contacts might be interested in learning more about your company. While a website is usually the place people rely on to learn all about you from a professional point of view, social media platforms can help your audience get insights on what you do in everyday life and what it’s like behind the curtains.

Learn how to add social media icons in your email signature.

7 Effective Tips on How to Create a Good Email Signature

  1. Always remember: Less is more, so try keeping your email signature as concise as possible. Only include essential details like your name, title, company, and contact details through which people can get in touch with you.
    Listing down all your phone numbers, social media profile icons or links, or email addresses can be overkill. A higher number of links makes it less likely for recipients to click on any of them at all.
  2. People tend to remember visuals much more effectively than text. So, if you genuinely want to stand out from others, then nothing can be better than putting a face alongside your name.
  3. You should never make your email signature solely an image. An image not only increases the size of emails, but the chances of them being blocked before your email is opened (as some email clients block them by default or store images as attachments) also becomes high.
  4. Some companies allow their email signature to become outdated. But, let’s face it. If your contact information isn’t up-to-date or it still contains the brand colors and old logo, it’ll reflect badly on you and your company.
    So, remember to tweak your email signature every year or so to ensure the information it entails is still relevant and up-to-date.
  5. Don’t hesitate in exhibiting some personality or unique traits. Even though an email signature must be professional and concise, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.
  6. Don’t fear including a call-to-action. Even a simple line of plain text eliciting your clients and recipients to take action will do. If nothing else, just include a reminder for your recipients to schedule a free consultation, download your new ebook, check out your new blog, attend an event, etc.
  7. Maintaining the consistency of email signatures across the entire company can be tricky. Most individuals create their email signature or copy it from somebody else, thus creating a mess of the email signature. It is best recommended to have one trustworthy source of what your professional company signature must be.

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